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Carnahan Insurance announces the Insurance Cost Reduction Award has been presented to Tero Technologies. Located in San Antonio, Tero Technologies has been in business since 1999. The company is a leading provider of high speed network infrastructure and audio visual systems.   Tero provides 24/7 support for clients’ IT needs.DSCF1014

Tero Technologies was chosen for the $53,000 in insurance premium savings they received by bringing their insurance coverage to Carnahan Insurance!

“Tero Technologies is a company with many insurance needs. They have expensive, heavy equipment used by their employees, and the projects they work on are critical to their customers’ success. My company was able to reduce their insurance expense by $53,000 with no erosion in coverage,” said Jerry Carnahan, President of Carnahan Insurance. He continued, “It’s professionally satisfying for me to be able to provide risk reduction advice, programs and tools to this company, as well as so many other great businesses in San Antonio. It also makes me and my staff very happy to help companies achieve significant cost savings.”

“Carnahan Insurance provides my company with the same commitment to customer service that we bring to our clients,” explained Tero Technologies president Robin Portenier. She continued, “Not only does Carnahan Insurance shares our commitment to excellence, but they were able to save us over $50,000! I can’t imagine why any San Antonio business owner would not talk with Jerry Carnahan about their insurance.”