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Commercial Transportation Insurance for Your Business

Our country depends on the transportation industry to keep things running. Whether it’s food, fuel, building supplies, or people, we rely on large vehicles and their drivers to safely deliver cargo. Because the demand for consumer goods is increasing and will only continue to increase, the number of large vehicles on the roads is also […]

Take a Break Labor Day and Let Your Insurance do the Work

Our country was founded by hard working men and women who gave their blood, sweat, and tears so that we can enjoy the American Dream. And it’s because of people like them that the American Dream lives on. That’s why JR Carnahan’s goal is to serve everyone with excellence. Our goal is to go above […]

Do You Have the Right Business Insurance?

As a business owner, you’ve invested your all to make sure things go successfully for your employees and customers. From hiring to quality control to customer service, it’s a lot to manage! Owning a business involves great risk. And where there is risk, it’s always best to be prepared with an insurance policy that covers […]

6 Business and Commercial Insurance Types to Consider for Your Business

Business owners have a lot of responsibilities on their plate. Handling day-to-day operations of a business alone can be consuming, not to mention the preparation required for the day-to-day to function properly. Ensuring your business is properly covered by the right insurance plan can be another daunting responsibility, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are […]