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5 Simple Ways to Save on Health Care Costs

Every year health care costs seem to raise higher and higher. Whether it’s copays and premiums, doctor’s visits, or prescription drugs, medical costs can eat up your pay check pretty quickly. High deductible plans are becoming more popular in employer-provided plans, which means you pay more cash out of your pocket upfront. Health insurance plans […]

Do I Really Need Health Insurance as a Young, Healthy Adult?

The last thing on the mind of a young, healthy 20 or 30-something is health insurance. Deemed the “young invincibles”, young adults who have no serious or ongoing medical concerns often try to justify not paying for health insurance. It might seem like a waste of money to pay a monthly insurance premium when you […]

Health Care Reform and Your Small Business

Do you own or work for a small business? Then you probably know that there have been significant changes as a result of the new Health Care Reform. Depending on the size of the business, the requirements and benefits change. Small businesses with less than 25 full-time employees have the advantage of receiving tax credits […]