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It’s summer.

The hot, humid, draining summer of South Texas.

Which means, if you’re not at the pool, you’re at the lake.

Hitting the water on a sailboat, Jet Ski®, yacht, WaveRunner® or other personal watercraft is one of the best ways to beat the heat. But it can also be a huge liability if you are not properly covered by an insurance policy.

While not all states require boat insurance, you can never be too prepared for the perils of the water.

On top of your state’s requirements, if you take out a loan for a new boat or if you use a marina, you will most likely have to present proof of insurance.

If you choose to purchase boat insurance, you may do so through an insurance agent or by adding it to your homeowners insurance plan.

The only type of coverage available with a homeowners plan is an Actual Cash Value coverage. This means that the boat’s value is already decided, and usually fairly low.

With an independent boat insurance plan, you are able to purchase an Agreed Value coverage, which lets you decide the worth of your watercraft and the amount you’ll recover in the case of a loss.

So what does boat insurance cover?

While each policy is different depending on the insurance company, plan, and policy holder’s wishes, there are a few types of insurance you should make sure are covered.


If you cause an accident, liability insurance will cover any property damage or bodily injury bills for the others involved.

Medical Payments Protection

If you are injured while on the water, this coverage will protect you from the devastation of medical bills.

Property Damage

Collision or Comprehensive property damage covers damages to your boat and its belongings that are caused by another boater, theft, fire, etc.

Fuel Spill

In the case of a fuel spill, which happens more than you think, this plan will save you from being held responsible of the clean up costs.

Non-contact Accidents

Even if the wake from your boat causes an accident, you could be charged with the responsibility.

No matter what kind of watercraft you own or plan to own this summer, looking into getting an insurance plan should be high priority.

There’s nothing like sailing the bright blue sea and having complete peace of mind!

“Are there discounts for boat insurance?”

Yes! Contact JR Carnahan to get more information on the various types of discounts you can get on your boat policy.