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In the age of online shopping, people want fast, easy, and convenient, even when it comes to their insurance policies. Most people are now purchasing their insurance coverage online, directly from the insurance company, versus going through an insurance agent or broker.

But there are still advantages to hiring an individual insurance agent over buying directly from the insurance company.

Here are just a few:

insurance broker agent First of all, an insurance broker can save you money.

They are professionally trained to choose the best policy for their clients. Because they have access to hundreds of prices and coverages from different insurance companies, they are often able to snag a better deal than what you could get for yourself.

Secondly, purchasing insurance through a broker is easier than buying direct.

Not only do most agents offer and manage all types of insurance coverage, they are also easier to get in touch with. Agents are quicker to respond to emails and phone calls, and will respond personally, versus an insurance company that uses a call center and can take days to respond.

Another reason an insurance agent might prove better for the client than purchasing direct is that they can provide ease of mind.

Insurance is complicated and brokers are trained to understand the ins and outs and educate their customers. They will spend time explaining each policy so the insured can make an educated decision with peace of mind. When you buy direct the risk of making a mistake or misunderstanding a policy is larger than using an insurance broker to be your middle man.

While there is nothing wrong with purchasing insurance directly from an insurance company, there are certain services and protections you might forfeit.

Our recommendation is to trust a broker to shop and manage your insurance policies for you. There’s a good chance you’ll end up saving money and having more peace of mind!